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11 may 2013:International Mother's Day Celebrations 
16th marchWorld Kidney Day Celebrations
8th March 2013:International Women's Day Celebration
1st March 2013:Launch  of the Prestigious Sagar Centre for Shoulder & Sports Injury- 
1st March,2013 -Sagar Hospitals-DSI
9th-10th  February:The Sagar Hospitals organized a Prostrate Screening Camp across both facilities
1st February:Launch  of theSagar Wellness Centre at Sagar Hospitals-DSI
12th January 2013:The Sagar Hospitals-DSI ,  organized a CME at the Indian Medical Association Kolar Gold Fields.

1st December 2012 :Sagar hospitals was selected as on of the Best hospitals in the country and bangalore. Courtesy:THE WEEK/HANSA RESEARCH SURVEY

10th January 2013: Sagar Hospitals-DSI Diabetic Food Expo
 5th January,2013:Sagar Hospitals -DSI ,BANASHANKARI organized a CME -Certification Programme On Current Trends & Challenges in Spine Surgery & Spine Rehabilitation 

18th Nov 2012 :Co-Organized the "NO/know -Diabetes"Walkathon in Banglaore
10th Nov 2012:Mega Diabetic Camp to be conducted
6th November :World Diabetes Month Observed with a Free Camp on Health & Nutrition  at the Diabetic center,jayanagar

16th Oct 2012:World Spine day Celebrations
9th Sept 2012:Free Urinary Incontinenence Camp at Jayanagar Hospital

5th Sept 2012:Teachers day Camp at Banashankari Hospital

24th July 2012:10 years Anniversary Completed with Excellence in Health Care Service

9th/10th July 2012:Dr. Marc Silvestri, from Marseille, France, renowned world over in the field of Interventional Cardiology,  will be available for performing coronary angioplasty at Sagar Hospitals, Banashankari.Patients needing his expertise in complex coronary interventions can avail this opportunity by making prior appointments.For details, please contact Dr. Raja Sekhar Varma, Interventional Cardiologist, Sagar Hospitals, Banashankari, on this number: 95380 55588. Mr Manjunath, Deputy General Manager : 95919 91899 

May 14-May 18th: the Sagar hospitals conducted a four days long Cardiac Screening Program at Schneider Electric .The program was scheduled at 4 different campuses of Schneider Electric and nearly 700 employees have been screened during the campaign.
An International Conference on  Nursing Education & Training in a Global Context  ->Click here  to download  Brochure
Date: Wednesday, 28th March, 2012
Venue: Dr. D. Premachandra Sagar Auditorium & Centre for Performing Arts, DSI Campus, Banglaore, India
12th March to 31st March:Health screening camp for Employees of BMTC,Bangalore south.
‎10th march 2012:On the occassion of World Kidney Day,the Sagar Hospitals organized a panel discussion at the CD SAGAR AUDITORIUM ,Dayananda sagar institutions,on renal organ donation and to increase awareness of organ donation among the youth.
Thursday 23rd February 2012:A `LIVE` workshop on complex angioplasty was held under the guidance of Dr. Silvestri at the Sagar Hospitals DSI,Banashankari Kumarswamy layout. An interactive session with exchange ideas on the latest techniques was held on
this occasion.
Wednesday,February 22nd :The Sagar Hospitals-DSI hosted Dr Marc Silvestri from Marseille, France ,world renowned interventional cardiologist ,one of the Pioneers of modern day Angioplasty and Stenting techniques at a Continuous Medical Education (CME) at the Chancery Pavilion.Padmashree Dr.C N Manjunath ,Director of Jayadeva Institute chaired the session along with Dr.Madan Gaekwad,Senior Executive Vice President Sagar hospitals and famous Consultants- Interventional Cardiologists Dr.Raja Shekhar Verma and
Dr.KS Kishore.The Sagar Hospitals` CME had BIOCON and Abott Vascular as associate Sponsors.
19th February:Sagar hospitals  conducted a camp at Kerala Samajam on 19th Feb 2012. Sr.Krishna Byre Gowda, MLA inaugurated the function. The camp was conducted at Kempapura near Hebbal. Nearly 200 patients availed the services.
3rd-5th February 2012:Sagar Hospitals Sponsored and hosted the 27th Annual National Conference of Indian Society for the Study of Pain(CME and conference) over 3rd-5th February 2012 at the Dayanand Sagar Institution Auditorium
21st jan 2012:Stroke management CME at La marvella,Jayanagar
21st jan 2012:Free Diabetic camp at Cunningham road sagar pharma
21st jan 2012 :Free Diabetic camp at Indiranagar  sagar pharma
15th  jan 2012:Free Diabetic camp  at  on  sagar pharma Banashankari
14th jan 2012:Free Diabetic camp  at NR colony sagar pharma
8th jan 2012:Free Diabetic camp conducted at srinivas nagar sagar Pharma
7th  jan 2012 :Free Diabetic camp conducted at srinagar sagar Pharma
‎6th Jan 2012:the Sagar Hospitals Jayanagar conducted CME on Stroke Management for all the inhouse consultants of Sagar hospitals:jayanagar/bsk and various Sagar
1st November: Conducted a Free Mega Health Check  Program for the General Public on the  occassion of Kannada Rajyothsava at Jayanagar BDA.
23RD October: 7th Anniversary celebrations of  The Sagar Centre for Diabetes & Ophthalmology  with Free Diabetic and Cardiac Health Check 

Sept 2011:Sagar Hospitals Opens Information and Consultation Centre in Hubli:Learn More about it at:

Sept 2011:TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT programme at Sagar Hospitals,Jayanagar 
Total Quality Management Training Programme was conducted by Mr.Neeraj Goyal,MD ,Cynergy at  the Sagar Hospitals Jayanagar between 14th -16th sept,2011.Agenda for immediate action were on the lines of Increasing Product quality ,service delivery,product service and cost.1st project theme:Dramatic improvement of pre and post medical waiting time of OPD patients.
Sagar little Champs Carnival 30th July ,2011 
The Sagar Hospitals Group  celebrated  ‘Sagar Little Champs Carnival Celebrations’ ,an event exclusively for toddlers and children between the age groups of 6months to 10years  on the 30th July,2011 at the Dayananda Sagar Memorial Convention Centre ,Ashoka Pillar ,Jayanagar.
Quality Circle Launched at Sagar Hospitals DSI,Banashankari and Doctors Day celebrations across both hospitals
Bangalore 1st July:The Sagar Hospitals DSI,Banashankari made the first step towards embracing international benchmarking of services with the establishment of the Quality Circle ,a body adhering to the healthcare TQM principles.The event was graced by the presence of personalities like DCP,South Bangalore and VP,TVS Group.Doctors Day was celebrated across both hospitals with a cake cutting ceremony to honour the contributions of our best doctors.:
World Anti Tobacco Day
Bangalore,30th May,2011:The Sagar Hospitals DSI,Banashankari observed the world anti tobacco day by conducting free lungs checkup services .an ambulance equipped with lungs checkup equipment moved around the city ,stopping at strategic locations to conduct free checkups for people.The vehicle was flagged off by The Commissioner of the Pollution Control Board.
 World Mothers Day
Sunday, 8th May : On the account of World Mother’s Day celebrations ,the  Sagar Hospitals DSI, Banashankari  conducted a FREE consultation for Ophthalmology, Physiotherapy, Diabetes & Obesity, Gynecology, Dietician, Dental check up  at the department of Preventive Health Care.Check video at:
Bangalore Press Club,23rd April, 2011:  Sagar Hospitals celebrates the rare achievement of 102 Cardiac Surgeries conducted in the Sagar hospitals Banashankari in One Month , over April 2011 without any mortality .
World Health Day
Bangalore,  7th April, 2011: On the occasion of World Health Day, the Sagar Hospitals of Jayanagar and Banashankari , conducted a FREE health check up for the general public.Sagar Hospitals, Banashankari recorded a turnout        168 patients who were administered free checkup and the Sagar Hospitals, Jayanagar whose camp was conducted at the Jayanagar shopping complex had 450 patients turning up for the camp


Kudos to the relatives who DEDICATE 5 - 6 hours of their precious time for the 
dialysis patient on a weekly basis – a yeomen service –
Bangalore, Thursday, March 10th : As a CSR activity, The Sagar Hospitals felicitated the
patients for the yeomen service who dedicate their precious 5 – 6 hours per week for their
loved ones. Senior Executive Vice President Dr. Madan S Gaekwad inaugurated and felicitated
the relatives of the dialysis patients, Dr. Sanjeev Hiremath addressed the gathering, Dr. Dilip C
Dhanpal, Senior Urologist and Dr. Mohan Reddy, Medical Director were present World Kidney
Day function. Around 60 relatives (attender’s) attended the celebrations.
Dr. Sanjeev Hiremath, Senior Nephrologist, Sagar Hospitals. is of the opinion that measuring
and managing high blood pressure was first step towards preventing kidney failures, he
observed and that Second Thursday of March is observed world wide as World Kidney Day
to bring awareness on keeping kidneys healthy and This year, World Kidney Day focuses on
Diabetes, which is the leading cause of kidney diseases worldwide. Hypertension, obesity and
pollution are also major causes of kidney damage. While it is commonly known that lifestyle
changes of the past decades have lead to an increase in diabetes and cardiovascular diseases,
too many people still ignore that the conditions have generated this outburst of kidney
disorders . Dr. Dilip C Dhanpal, Senior Urologist, Sagar Hospitals said that there is a need for preventive measures to avoid costly and painful treatment.

The International Conference on Carcinogenesis 

An International Conference on Carcinogenesis and Cancer prevention, with Scientific advancements, Public Health initiatives to be held over  16th, 17th, 18th February,2011 and the International clinical symposium on Oncology scheduled on the 19th February,2011 at the
Dayananda Sagar Institutions,  Bangalore jointly organized by
Dayananda Sagar Institutions and the  Sagar Hospitals in collaboration with the
Carcinogenesis Foundation, USA.

Bangalore, Tuesday, , 2011: For the second time in India, the  International Conference on Carcinogenesis and Cancer prevention incorporating Scientific advancements with Public Health initiatives was held over  16th, 17th, 18th February,2011 and an International clinical symposium on Oncology was held on the 19th February,2011   at the  Dayananda Sagar Institutions,  Bangalore jointly organized by Dayananda Sagar Institutions in collaboration with Carcinogenesis Foundation, USA.  ,partnered  by the Sagar Hospitals .

Speaking to the Media, Dr. Kovvali Gopala, President Carcinogenesis Foundation, USA said As cancer is a global problem, global efforts are imminent to prevent and cure the disease”.     “From the perspective of Biology of cancer,   a comprehensive approach is needed to address the complex disease; a comprehensive approach is possible if a clear understanding of the dimension of the problem from every angle, including biological, epidemiological and public health aspects of the problem is analyzed and understood” 

Dr.  P.S. Rao, Conference Chair, Director - Life Sciences & Engineering, DSI is of the opinion that “This international conference recognizes cancer as a problem beyond boundaries and is willing to address this challenge from a global perspective.   And Dr. Jagannatha Rao, Conference organizing secretary “While cancer is a health menace to the human society, it is a tough challenge to cancer researchers and onco-therapists, which can be met only through organized global efforts like this international conference”

Also Dr. Jamboor K. Vishwanatha, Programme Committee Chair, Dean & Professor, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, UNTHSC, USA reiterated that "This conference highlights the latest research in prevention, diagnosis and cure of cancer from renowned international experts".
Dr. Madan S. Gaekwad,Senior Executive Vice President, Sagar Hospitals urged people to maintain awareness about carcinogens, citing a recent reported demography of cancer registry data made by the Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR) ,that suggests that the number of nascent  cancer patients in India per year is about 7 lakhs with the city of Bangalore recording   an average of 113 male and 139 female in every 100,000 cancer related patients.Dr. Madan restates that according to the demographics of the Hospital Based Cancer Registry,every year, around the world, 9  million new cancer cases are diagnosed with 4.5 million reported deaths, hence
a conscious effort must be maintained to spread awareness and this International Conference will enhance and propagate this agenda.

                                                            - 2 -

The conference was inaugurated by Dr. Paul Brandt – Rauf, University of Illinois, Chicago, Release of Souvenir B.S. Ajai Kumar Chairman & CEO, and Healthcare Global (HCG).  The three-day conference featured an inaugural session on the 16th February,2011               
followed by scientific sessions, panel discussions, poster presentations and a clinical symposium on the 19th February,2011 .

Participants of this conference  included Plenary speakers and doctors basic cancer researchers, clinical cancer researchers, oncologists, public health personnel and community workers drawn from Hospitals, academic Institutions, National Institutes and Industries from all over the world. About 40 international delegates from USA, Australia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Singapore, and Thailand are scheduled to deliver plenary Lectures.  About 20 well known scientists from reputed national Institutes in India, including IISc, NCBS, JNCASR, NIMHANS, HCG and Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology are also scheduled to deliver plenary lectures.  Other delegates include Ph.D. scholars, faculty and students from all over India.  The conference is expected to attract a total of 700 delegates.  

Needs AssessmentCancer being a major public health issue in the developing world, there is a critical need for increased understanding and cross-disciplinary approaches on cancer prevention and education.  The bench to bedside to community link is very vital to combat this disease.  India is an ideal location for the conference, because.  while the basic cancer research is strong in India, there are very few public health initiatives and chemoprevention activities.  We believe interaction of young cancer researchers in India with experts from all over the world will stimulate collaborative research that will benefit all participants.  Deliberations and presentations in this conference are designed with a motto of “Education with Action”. The organizers envisage initiation of programs and activities that involve communities in cancer prevention education during this conference.  The conference will feature internationally recognized speakers and interactive debates in relation to cancer research and prevention

The Specific Aims of the conference are to provide an in-depth knowledge of the cancer at the cellular and molecular level which is critical for developing global strategies for prevention, control and treatment of cancers. Significant progress has been made in cancer research in the past decade and an international conference that creates an opportunity for the researchers to critically analyze the progress made and challenges ahead is very timely and important.  The conference will offer oral presentations, panel discussions and poster presentations, to share the research findings from experts as well as budding scientists and clinicians. 

The Outcomes of the conference will be increased understanding of cancer from bench to bedside to community and development of meaningful international research collaborations.

Launch of HOME HEALTH CARE services in Bangalore ,a unique service for the First Time in Bangalore / Karnataka by Sagar Hospitals
BANGALORE, Tuesday, 19th October, 2010: `Sagar Hospitals’ ,a landmark healthcare services institution ,that enjoys a unique reputation of being popular destination for both Indian and international patients ,launched its HOME HEALTH CARE service in Bangalore today at a press conference at the Chevron Hotel. Mr. Radhakrishna, Executive Director, Dr. Madan S. Gaekwad, Sr. Executive Vice President, Dr. Mohan Reddy, Medical Director( Jayanagar Facility)  presided the press meet.

While addressing the Media, Mr. Radhakrishna, ,the Executive Director, expressed his happiness in introducing this Home Health Care service program, a long awaited facility made available to the Bangaloreans ,particularly for the Senior Citizens and the immobile.  A dedicated team of 25 people have been deployed constituting skilled nurses, Physiotherapists , paramedical staff and courier boys  for the door-to-door service to physically examine, collect blood samples and to extend personal assistance for any additional service.
Dr. Madan S Gaekwad, Sr. Executive Vice President ,highlighted that all the reports pertaining to Home Health care would be delivered at the door step latest by the same evening. The above services donot  attract  additional services charge and even come at a 20% concession to Senior Citizens and the immobile
To avail this Home Health Care Facility please call:
080- 42 888 777, 96866 97451, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57

ABOUT SAGAR HOSPITALS: Sagar Hospitals started in the year 2002 and is categorized as a comprehensive healthcare provider in Bangalore with two multi-specialty hospitals, four clinics and a chain of pharmacies. The 665 beds facility spread across two locations in South of Bangalore is equipped with the latest medical technology offering affordable medical treatment with personalized care.
Apart from the world’s latest 128 slice cardiac CT, the hospital has some of the path breaking diagnostics and surgical equipments. This combined with highly skilled medical, nursing, administration and paramedical staff makes Sagar Hospitals one of the most trusted healthcare providers in Bangalore. Following international management practices, the hospital caters to patients from India and overseas. Luxurious patient rooms range from presidential suites to general ward categories. Attractive health insurance plan makes it possible for people to available complete medical benefits. Various health check-up packages for different age groups are available at the preventive health check department of Sagar Hospitals.  Having carved a niche market in the pharmacy business in Bangalore, we now plan to set our foot into the area which eases the burden of the elderly, the non ambulatory patients & customers who would have difficulty in going to the pharmacies’ to buy their medicines-“The Free Home Delivery Service”. Keeping in mind the high standards that we have maintained, we plan to do it in a very professional way, within the framework of the drug laws. This should give confidence to our customers who would like to avail this service of ours’. To start with, we would like to offer this service to our customers within the radius of 5kms from any of our 10 existing pharmacies’ in the city of Bangalore (Annexure). The minimum invoice value needs to be Rs. 300.00 (Rupees three hundred only). Customers can reach us on any of the numbers provided in the annexure. For bulk orders, they can send an email to


Indian Women Leaders Round Table on Osteoporosis First Time In India
October 20th 2010: World Osteoporosis Day
Bangalore, Wednesday 20th October, 2010:For the first Time in India, India Women Leaders Round Table  2010 was organised by Dr.Mythri Shankar, President, Osteoporosis Patient Society of South Bangalore on theOct 20 (World Osteoporosis Day) at the Sagar Hospitals, Jayanagar.The conference had the theme "Strong Women: Strong Bones" & structured by IOF (International Osteoporosis Foundation). Prominent Women Leaders like  Ashwini Nachappa (Athlete & Actress), Arundati Nag ( Rangashankara),  Vani Ganapathy (Dance),  Rani Satish (Politician),  DCP Sonia Narang Justice Manjula Chellur,  Shylaja Nag ( Media House Studio),  Vidya Virkar (Strand Books) , participated in the discussions.
October 20 is celebrated as the World Osteoporosis Day, to create awareness about Osteoporosis.
Osteoporosis is a huge and growing worldwide health problem particularly in India. Progress  in research has been made since 2002 (when the first WLR was hosted by the queen in Europe) but serious problems  still remain. The Main Objective was to encourage women to engage in a “bone-friendly lifestyle” and to take the time to improve their own knowledge of the disease ,its prevention and treatment. This campaign is to instill urgency among the Health care professionals, Government and other health officials to recognize osteoporosis as a health priority.

Over 50 women leaders attended the event from various eminent fields. Lawyers, Educators (from Montessori, Primary School, Graduate Education to Medical & Dental Education, Business Management etc), Journalists, Entertainment & Media Artists, Charted accountants, Corporate executives, Scientists etc. were all a part of this august gathering.

Five Steps to Healthy Bones:  

EAT RIGHT: Get your daily recommended amounts of Calcium and Vitamin D.
EXERCISE: Engage in regular weight-bearing and muscle strengthening exercise.
MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.
TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR: about bone health.
GET TESTED: Have a bone density test and take medication when appropriate

For further Editorial Queries:
Contact – Dr.Mythri Shankar, MD ( USA).Mobile  : 9945222602.
Nuclear Medicine Physician.
Special Interest PET CT Imaging and DEXA Bone Densitometry.

Bangalore, Sunday, 7th November, 2010 : 

The Sagar Hospitals, as part of their CSR mandate, on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, organized Painting and Fancy dress competitions, followed by a Free Diabetes camp for diabetic children. The workshop included the Home management of diabetes, awareness of recent advancements in the related arena with simulated  demonstration of home blood glucose monitoring mechanism, usage of insulin injections, pumps, and HbA1c test.The itinerary of the camp included a diet counseling  and an interactive session with Dr. P Raghupathy.national Paediatric E, who holds trhe distinction of being  selected for the Lifetime achievement award by the Asia Pacific Paediatric Endocrine Society (APPES) ).The camp concluded with an entertainment program by  Ventriloquism by Ms.Indushri.
While addressing the Media, the Diabetic children  and their parents reported  that Children with type 1 diabetes mellitus  do need to take insulin injections 2 to 4 times daily throughout their lives.  They face several restrictions regarding food intake and physical activity ,day- in and day- out.  Home management of diabetes requires knowledge of many details to be observed constantly.  This function will refresh the knowledge of these children and their parents in all such aspects.